Welcome to Mama’s Pad.  This idea was born from a tired, working mama of two sweet girls exactly a year apart and wifey to an entrepreneur who needed a “pad” if you will.  Not a bachelor’s pad, but a mama’s pad–a place in the internet world to just blog about whatever is on mama’s mind–the craziness of life with two babies, recipes/ideas for healthy, quick meals, time saver ideas, things to do with the kids–the list goes on and on in the mind of a mama as you know.  This is a place….a pad….to share those ideas with mamas everywhere.  We are multitasking list makers, bottle feeders, diaper changers, potty trainers, grocery shoppers, day planners, homemakers, etc etc.  Yes we do it all…so let’s grab a cup of coffee (soy vanilla latte for me!) or a cup of hot tea (with a drop of honey of course!) and just unwind. 


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